Technical Support 
and Warranty
ELERIX products come with a superior warranty (5 years+), a lifetime technical support guarantee (email inquiry, firmware upload, schematics, wiring diagram consultation, etc.), a guarantee of compatibility with future versions, software and products, open-source licenses for software, HW layout, etc
High Quality 
All ELERIX batteries and solar panels are manufactured in renowned factories in China, owned by Foxconn (which also makes iPhones for Apple) and Tsingshan Group, China’s largest metals company. BMS is designed and manufactured exclusively in the EU.
High energy density
Compact size and weight
Excellent price/performance ratio
Rigorously tested
Verified supplier




A big number of different products is rigorously tested before the final selection get our approval and ELERIX logo.



We have similarly strict requirements on our manufacturers. We follow Code of Business Conduct, our partners should too.



Manufacturers and their products are regularly controlled that they meet requirements on quality consistently.



Extended warranty coverage and fast response in case of eventual failure leading to corrective action.



Do you have a question? You can contact our technical experts or sales guys.



We have central warehouse big enough to stock a sufficient quantity of all major items.



Quick dispatch and fast deliveries. Products are packed safely and transported as they have to be and should be.



ELERIX products represent value themselves: a great performance in typical applications for a great price.



Speaking of price: we offer a fair one. R&D, quality, warranty, support, logistics, various fees have their costs. Profit is part of business.


What is the country of origin of your products? Where are they manufactured? I suppose, they are all from China, aren ́t they?
Yes, most of the products sold under the brand ELERIX are made in China. Let´s face the truth: actually, more than 80% of products sold in the EU are made in China. Production capacities, their technical background hand in hand with logistic infrastructure is high and more efficient then here in Europe, but more importantly: it´s already
up and running. The manufacturers we are in cooperation have everything in order to produce high quality products: large premises with cutting edge technologies, experience and know-how in large scale manufacturing, just to mention the most important aspects. There is a number of different manufacturers and suppliers to choose
from: we „just“ made that final selection of the best ones for us and for you
Why is the price higher than on the „internet“? Is it the yellow plastic that costs so much, or you are just trying to get a high profit?
If it were so easy business with so high profit, everyone would do it☺ In fact, even the application of the yellow packaging is not a simple task. Sure, it has its cost but in total, it is marginal. What objectively makes our prices higher are these reasons: first of all, the cells (and batteries that are made from) are an A-grade quality. Furthermore, it took us hundreds of hours in search for manufacturers, visiting them in person on sites, testing their products and fine-tunning them in regard to our requirements. Then there are costs related to the local warehouse (products are here, you do not have to wait weeks or months). Let´s continue with costs related to warranty extension, possibility to claim back either your money or a new product for a defective one as well as a possibility to consult the technical expert. And last but not least there are customs and tax fees. Saving you time, providing you comfort and peace of mind is something which is worth that extra money. The remaining part is profit.
Why is the price of the transport / delivery so high? Sometimes, it is as expensive as cells themselves.
Well, first of all, you have to realize that batteries and cells is a chemistry. Even though the fact that LiFePO4 technology is considered as a very safe one, it is dangerous. At least by the authorities point of view that set regulations for transport of goods. Therefore only specialized trucks and personnel can transport them, not a typical and omnipresent post delivery truck or pickup. It increases the price and yes, sometimes the transport fee might be as high as the cell or battery itself. Secondly, the packaging must be solid. We want to deliver your products intact and safely. A box made of cardboard is not suitable for every order, we have to use wooden boxes on palettes instead. That means additional cost, but we believe it is also in your interest. But hey: you can use these boxes for your plants, bottles of wine or just for storing some stuff in your garage☺


Do you have an idea of a project you ́d like to share with us? Are you looking for a partner or a particular expert in the field? Let us know. We are interested in. We can offer you a solid know-how in what we do, and we are surrounded by like-minded experts in what we don ́t. It ́s a great foundation for business, isn ́t it?

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