Elerix is a strong team of experts and successful company founders with proven track record of more than 12 years in the energy industry. The ultimate aim of this joint know-how pool is to rigorously hand-pick or produce only the highest quality electric products for our clients.

Together we have seen and tested thousands of solar panels, lithium batteris and accessories, so our clients do not have to. Elerix is an umbrella brand for the best of the best performing products we have found throughout the years or we have produced ourselves, because there was simply no offer.

Elerix battery
Elerix’s founders:
Michal Klecka & Jan Sedlak, founders of GWL a.s. and i4wifi a.s.
Pavel Radomersky, CEO of GWL a.s.
Pavel Podruh, founder of ibatt.energy
Pavel Fajmon, CTO of GWL a.s.