A full range of quality photovoltaic panels for powering of industrial applications, telecom equipment, off-grid locations and the energy supply in remote areas. Complete solar solutions to give you the power to go on.

Solar panels use different technologies. The most advanced is POLY that use both sides of panel. PERC is an abbreviation for Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell. The main advantage of the PERC cell structure is that it enables manufacturers to achieve higher efficiencies than with standard solar cells which are reaching their physical limits.

Technical Support 
and Warranty
ELERIX products come with a superior warranty (5 years+), a lifetime technical support guarantee (email inquiry, firmware upload, schematics, wiring diagram consultation, etc.), a guarantee of compatibility with future versions, software and products, open-source licenses for software, HW layout, etc.
High Quality
All ELERIX batteries and solar panels are manufactured in renowned factories in China, owned by Foxconn (which also makes iPhones for Apple) and Tsingshan Group, China’s largest metals company. BMS is designed and manufactured exclusively in the EU.


Do you have an idea of a project you ́d like to share with us? Are you looking for a partner or a particular expert in the field? Let us know. We are interested in. We can offer you a solid know-how in what we do, and we are surrounded by like-minded experts in what we don ́t. It ́s a great foundation for business, isn ́t it?

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