ELERIX Cell Performance Monitor


When exceeding the user-adjustable minimum or maximum of any cell, CPM module closes or opens
the output contacts for the relay coils.
► It brings the lowest and highest cell voltages of the cells in pack to separate outputs (for monitoring
measurements or for connection of the LED display or the communication module).
► The multi-colour LEDs indicate the highest and lowest voltage cells and the operating status of
the module.
► It has very low power consumption and a built-in function of battery emergency disconnection from
the powered system, including self-disconnection and shutdown.
► It is part of the ELERIX series, i.e., it is an open-source solution that is and will be compatible with
the related ELERIX products and with other commonly available components.
► The quality of the design, versatility and technical support options make it suitable for industrial
applications and sophisticated home installation solutions.

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Technical information:
Model 4 – 16 cells LFP/LTO
Operating voltage, ranges
Total operating voltage of the packmin. / max. 9V / 60V
Number of monitored cells4 – 16 (any number in this range)
Cell voltage indication range1.7 – 4.09V
Max. operating voltage at cell input5.5V
Max. voltage of relays outputs (1,2,3,4 Umin, Umax, Uemergency)60V
Current, power
Own operating consumption0.65 W
Own consumption after shutdown lim 0 (in nanoW)
Max. continious load of relays outputs (No. 3, 4 Umin, Umax, Uemergency)1.5 W
Highest short-time load of relay outputs No. 1 and 2 Umin Umax Uemergency) (150ms)10 W
Maximum output current Umin Umax (terminals No. 1, 2 and 3, 4 Ucells)5 mA (only for high-impedance digital input)
Main specification:
  • Cell voltage measurement frequency 200 Hz
  • Relay switch delay Umin Umax Outputs #3 and #4 disconnect 15s after voltage limit (U_max or Umin) is reached. Output #2 disconnect 35s after voltage limit (U_max or Umin) is reached. If the voltages return to set interval after #3/#4 disconnection, the outputs #2 remain up (the impulse is not sent).
  • Relay switch delay Uemergency Output #3 disconnects <2s after voltage U_emergency is reached. The impulse on #2 flash ~2s after #3 disconnection. In case of reaching U_min minus 0.3V (lower U_emergency), U_max outputs #2, #3 and #4 are also disconnected and CPM is switched OFF. If the voltages return above/below U_emergency voltage after #3 disconnection, the output #2 remain up (the impulse is not sent).
  • Pulse length for bi-stable relay 150 ms
  • Switch-on delay With button on board > 2 s;
    Terminals 4, 5 > 2 s
  • Switch-off delay With button on board > 1 s
    Terminals 6, 7 > 1 s
  • Reset delay Terminals 8,9 > 1 s
Power supply (V)12-48
Weight (kg)0,15
Lenght (mm)170
Height (mm)23
Width (mm)100
Files to download:
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